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Go Scratch – Get £5 FREE in this New Scratch Cards Site

It was in 2005 that Go Scratch was founded and since then, it has been a leading provider of scratch games online. There are many new scratch card sites that are coming up every day, but most of them cannot compare to the reputation that Go Scratch has already formed for itself. With lots of new scratch cards games and great flash themes, GoScratch continues to maintain its popularity amongst its players.

Over the year, a loyal following has formed for the website and the loyal players are rewarded aptly as well. For years, the staff of Go Scratch has worked hard for creating a website which is entertaining and secure, while also practicing all the rules and guidelines of fair gaming. With the generous number of awards, prizes and jackpots, Go Scratch has made a reputation for making a lot of its players genuinely happy with their successes in the game. Statistically speaking, though the jackpots may be a little difficult to hit, every third ticket at GoScratch wins a prize.